Insights into the Archetypal and Evolutionary Significance of Our Time



In astrology, each planet in our solar system is symbolically associated with specific archetypes, characteristics, themes and patterns in human experience. The discovery in 2005 of Eris—a dwarf planet lying beyond Pluto—was therefore an event of great significance for astrology as well as astronomy.

In this unique book, Keiron Le Grice considers the astrological significance of Eris. How, he asks, can we determine Eris's meaning? What archetypal themes is it associated with? In what ways might the myths of Eris, the Greek goddess of strife, be relevant to the astrological meaning? What can Eris's discovery tell us about the evolutionary challenges we now face?

Drawing on a wide variety of perspectives—including mythology, ecology, religion, history, philosophy and Jungian psychology—Le Grice carefully constructs a multi-faceted picture of Eris's possible meaning, helping to illuminate the unprecedented events of our time and providing clues to our possible future directions.



Release Date: 22nd March 2012


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