Using astrology to explore the archetypal patterns

and mythic themes in your life



“The mythical character of a life is precisely what determines

its universal human validity”—C. G. Jung




Archetypal astrology sees human experience as influenced and informed by universal archetypal principles (called planetary archetypes), which are expressed differently in every individual’s life. By studying the planetary positions in your birth chart, an archetypal analysis can help you understand how different mythic themes, archetypal powers, and energies are expressed in your personality and your life experiences.  It can help to put you in relationship with the unseen “gods” in the depths of the unconscious psyche, providing a life-enriching mythic perspective that is ordinarily absent in modern culture.



An archetypal analysis or “reading” will help you:

1. Identify and better understand how your character and life experiences express the archetypal

    pattern portrayed in your birth chart.

2. Understand and creatively engage with the changing archetypal context of your life over time.

3. Understand how your life is related to collective cycles in which we are all embedded.

4. Recognize the various sub-personalities in your psyche to further the process of individuation or psychological growth.

5. Develop a mythic perspective on your life by providing orientation and deeper meaning that can

    sustain you through difficult periods and give you a sense of the evolutionary unfolding of your

    life over time.



Consultations last for around 90 minutes and focus on your birth chart and interpreting the meaning of the ongoing changes in the relationships between the planets (transits), helping you to understand, from an archetypal perspective, what is happening in your life now and to anticipate the challenges and creative possibilities lying ahead. Prior to the reading, I will need your birth data (date, time, and place) and I will invite you to compose a short (one-page) biography, which I will relate to your chart during the reading. The consultations are done either face-to-face or, more often, via Skype or over the telephone, in which case I will ask you to place the call to my land line. The fee is $250 payable in advance, and includes an MP3 file recording of the session, which I will send to you using Dropbox. To schedule an appointment, please contact me at:




I have studied and practiced astrology for almost thirty years, assimilating the ideas and perspectives of Dane Rudhyar, Stephen Arroyo, Liz Greene, Richard Tarnas, and others. My approach is significantly influenced by depth psychology, especially the work of C. G. Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Stanislav Grof. I also draw on existential philosophy (especially Friedrich Nietzsche), Joseph Campbell’s work in mythology, the insights of mystical literature, and, above all, by the experience of the archetypes in my own life. In consultations, I use archetypal astrology as a tool to help illuminate an individual’s spiritual life journey, focusing especially on the process of psychological transformation that Jung called individuation. See the Biography for further details on my background.




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